Have you ever been watching a shark research TV show or documentary, and imagine yourself in that situation? Have you ever wanted to get face to face with a shark without a cage?

 This expedition is for people looking to be amazed by nature and for those who think way beyond normal tourism and want to get themselves right into the action.  In this expedition you will have the chance to experience one of nature´s greatest events, like the annual mobula aggregation in the Gulf of California; thousands of them all over the place, flying peacefully in calm waters. See yourself involve in actual shark research and learn from experts and locals about this incredible but vulnerable animals.  With this citizen science expedition, we guarantee that you will end with a whole new perspective about real eco-tourism.

There are many advantaged of a liveaboard expedition, like going further away, where animals feel safe and are not stressed by the constant noise of boats coming and going. Cover huge areas into the wild, where we can have many unexpected encounters and magnificent views that normal tourists never get a glimpse on. Been surrounded by nature in its wildest forms, and experience  natural history and behavior as you never done before. All of this, without sacrificing comfort. 

NO certification needed.

Minimum age- 12 years old.

For full details, download the PDF.

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8. Cownose rays
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