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We are a Destination Management Company experts in logistics, tourist services and expeditions in Baja, Mexico.

Based in La Paz, Shark Encounters Mexico started as a citizen science. program founded by a shark specialist marine biologist, with the intention of merging ecotourism and shark research, to help local fishermen as well as promoting shark research and conservation. After our first year, we realize the potential of merging both, ecotourism and marine biology, to enhance expeditions that already exists, and create new ones with an innovative and unique approach, to outstand from the rest and truly give a life changing experience.

Our goal is to offer not just simple tours, but the best expeditions you can think of, fed by our insatiable need for adventure and our expertise in the area, using any type of logistics necessary and guided by expert marine biologists. Doesn’t matter if you are travelling solo or with two hundred people, on honeymoon vacations or in a filming expedition, travelling by land, air or sea, from Guadalupe Island to the Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexican Pacific or the Gulf of California, whatever you need we can arrange.

Our services include:

• SCUBA Diving

• Shark Diving

• Whale Shark Encounters

• Whale Watching

• Snorkeling

• Kayaking

• Hiking

• Land transportation

• Liveaboard Expeditions

• Film crews

• Citizen Science Expeditions

• Corporate events

• Bachelor/Bachelorette trips

• We specialized in Customized-Private Expeditions of any kind


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