Baja California Sur is world famous for marine mammals and megafauna living in the Gulf of California and the mexican Pacific.

Our Expedition starts in La Paz, Mexico, boarding a 65´ Hatteras classic yacht. During the winter we have the presence of humpback whales, whale sharks, fin whales, blue whales, common dolphin, bottlenose dolphins, grey whales and our beloved residents the California sea lions.

There are many advantaged of a liveaboard expedition, like going further away, where animals feel safe and are not stressed by the constant noise of boats coming and going. Cover huge areas into the wild, where we can have many unexpected encounters and magnificent views that normal tourists never get a glimpse on. Been surrounded by nature in its wildest forms, and experience  natural history and behavior as you never done before. All of this, without sacrificing comfort. 

Family friendly!! Perfect for everyone!

NO certification needed

For full details, download the PDF.

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