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1-Smooth hammerheads are one of our most


Do you dare to snorkel with sharks and other marine animals in the wild?

The south end of the Gulf of California is most abundant in marine life, from birds, dolphins, whales, mobulas, sea lions, pelagic fish and the main target of this expedition…sharks.

Our insignia expedition and the inception of Shark Encounters Mexico, is an open ocean safari, where in addition to the chance of sighting many species, we will be actively looking for several species of sharks that live in this region, not just to see them up close, but to snorkel with them without the protection of a shark cage. Besides been broadly misunderstood and with an unjustified bad reputation, sharks are curious and shy creatures, and with the help of our team of shark behavior experts marine biologists, that will teach you the right way to behave inside the water, they won’t represent any danger for us, and you will have a safe and unforgettable experience, that will change your perspective of sharks forever. Doesn´t matter if it’s your first time swimming with sharks or you are a pro shark diver, this expeditions in meant for everyone.



The departing spot of our Shark Encounters - Open Ocean Safari may vary, so we can start our expedition form La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, Punta Arena and Cabo Pulmo depending to the presence and abundance of sharks and marine fauna in different places. Once aboard the boat, we will be on our way to the sighting spot in a 30-60min boat ride, where our safari starts. Once we arrive, we will start doing some chumming to attract shark to our boat, and once they approach, it’s time to get in the water and enter their realm. It doesn’t matter if we sight shark, mobulas or dolphins, we will enjoy everything that we find.

From December to April (Cold season)- we can see mako and blue sharks and humpback whales in a regular basis. From May- July (Warm season)- Smooth hammerheads, silky sharks and mobula mantas are very abundant. From August to November (Hot season)- The best SCUBA diving season of the year. Cristal clear waters, silky sharks and starting in October, Bull Sharks in Cabo Pulmo National Park.

Without a doubt, an incredible expedition meant not for simple tourists and it doesn´t matter if it’s your first time swimming with sharks or you are a pro shark diver, this expeditions in meant for explorers addicted to the extreme.

Research and Conservation:

Our Open Ocean Safari is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about shark species and marine fauna and for us to do our scientific research regarding shark populations and behavior in the Gulf of California and Mexican Pacific. If you want to participate in any way, you can help us in our data compilation and if you like photography, whether a beginner or a pro, you can help us by taking photos we could us in our photo ID catalogue.


$200 USD p/person

  • 4 participants minimum

  • Does not require diving certification

  • Duration of expedition: 6-8 hours

All our expeditions include snorkeling equipment, snacks, drinks, expert marine biologist as a guide and park fees.

Does not include 16% local tax and transport for more than 4 people.

Besides we do all our efforts to find sharks, we cannot guarantee shark or any marine fauna sightings. The ocean in unpredictable so we ask to be patient.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Shark Encounters Mexico cannot guarantee shark or any marine fauna sightings. We do our best to choose the best sightings spots, but the ocean is unpredictable. Positive attitude and patients in paramount.

  • Shark Encounters Mexico reserves the right to cancel any expedition at any time, due to weather conditions.

  • In our Open Ocean Safari, the consumption or any alcoholic beverage is prohibited. If we notice any sign or alcohol intoxication or effects or any legal or illegal drug, you will not be allowed to be on board the vessel at the time of our departure. This is for your security at sea.

  • To make a reservation for our Open Ocean Safari or any of the Shark Encounters Expeditions, we will ask for a 30% deposit and it must be fully paid before the time of departure.

  • Any deposit is nonrefundable. If we had to cancel due to weather conditions, we can reschedule the expedition depending on availability.

  • All our participants must sign a liability waiver prior to the time of departure of the expedition.

  • The minimum of age to participate in our Open Ocean Safari is 10 years old, accompanied by an adult.

  • Our expeditions have a departing time that will be expose to you at the time of your reservation. Been on time is fundamental to maximize the time of our expedition.

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