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The Gulf of California has one of the two aggregations of whale sharks in Mexico, and one of the most important in the world. Due to the geographic location and oceanographic conditions, La Paz has one of the best sighting spot of this endangered species, that besides been a shark, is completely harmless and utterly impressive.

¿Do you know what does the biggest fish in the world eats? Our team of shark experts marine biologists, will guide your expeditions and will tell you everything about this species. Swimming side by side with the biggest fish on the planet is just something you must do and it will for sure, take you breathe away.


  • Private Expedition starting at $700usd (1-4 people)

  • Collective Expedition $130 usd per person

  • Whale Shark & Espiritu Santo Island Combo Expedition $185usd per person

All our expeditions include snorkeling equipment, snacks, drinks, expert marine biologist as a guide and park fees.

Does not include 16% local tax

whake shark 67428
Tiburon ballena. Octubre a Abril
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